How to Find Thai Ladyboys in Bangkok

January 11, 2020

Trans women are practically everywhere in Bangkok, but do you stand a chance? The good news is that most local ladyboys (also known as t-girls) will be happy to meet and date a “farang”, which means “foreigner” in Thai. Western tourists are a lot more accepting and open toward them than locals. Learn how to find Thai ladyboys in Bangkok in this quick guide.

You could go to a trans-friendly event like the Bangkok Pride Festival or another. Never go in with assumptions about people’s sexual orientation or gender. For example, there are trans women who like women. They often get asked, “Aren’t you just a straight guy?” This is not the case. At any rate, don’t start a conversation with questions about a person’s gender or sexuality. Imagine a near-stranger asking you questions like this.

Groups to Meet Trans Women in Bangkok

While it’s possible to meet trans women in bars, clubs, or at cabaret shows, groups on Meetup are a better idea. The platform supports many groups and organizations that welcome the LGBT community and its supporters in the area. There are events taking place all year, sometimes even twice or three times a month. People meet in parks, cafes, or malls to enjoy a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

You can meet trans women on dating sites too. The most popular ones are Thai Cupid, Thai Friendly, My Transsexual Date, and My Ladyboy Date.

A lot of the guys who signed up for Thai Cupid were initially looking for women born female but eventually turned to trans women. The ladyboy users of these sites are looking for relationships in the majority of situations, not for financial or any other kind of support. The site is very user-friendly and intuitive.

My Transsexual Date and My Ladyboy Date are owned and operated by the same people. These sites target the trans community exclusively. Of course, they also cater to users who want to date trans people. Signing up, creating a profile, and receiving messages is free. It is also free to browse profiles. You’ll find tens of thousands of ladyboy profiles.

One app that’s popular with locals is Smooci, which you can use to find ladyboys in Bangkok. It’s a discreet and convenient app that lets you see everyone who is online at a particular point in time. It is free to create and look at profiles and send and receive messages on here.

Once you find someone, you can take them to one of the many trans-friendly venues in the Thai capital. Have your pick!