Staying Fit – A secret to a healthy and active sex life

March 12, 2018

The hectic modern world has influenced our health a lot. Many people grew up around unhealthy environment and got used to the idea of filling their stomach with all types of foods to please their taste buds. When talking about staying fit, many people struggle to find the time to do a regular physical activity or workout because of their never-ending reasons or perhaps, they’re just too busy at work.

Being a man or a woman, understanding how staying fit will benefit your stamina and level of satisfaction is very important not only to satisfy your partner but to enhance your physical appearance and productivity as well.

The Strategy

Setting aside enough time to exercise is the key to staying fit. You can run at least once a week or participate in sports you are passionate about during your day-offs. You may do leg raises, helping you last longer in bed. Carry out push-ups at least twice a week to strengthen your endurance during sex. Lift some weights on a stability ball to prepare your muscle for an intense moment between the sheets or improve flexibility with yoga poses to make sure your back is ready for any lifting at the bedroom. It’s also crucial to overhaul your diet to match your workout.

How exercise boosts your sex drive?

The benefits of doing exercises are not only in our minds. Several facts, studies and experiments have shown psychological and physiological improvement on the sex drive of both men and women. Let’s find out more how exercise can make you hotter in bed.

  1. Exercise helps you to release more endorphins. Endorphin is a chemical compound that the body releases, making us feel happy and aroused. Higher level of endorphins means better hormone and sexual desire.
  2. Sex is also a type of exercise that requires a lot of strength and stamina. As you perform various positions and movements, you are increasing sexual endurance, developing muscle strength and improving blood flow that will make you more desirable in bed.
  3. Doing pelvic floor exercises like kegels tones and tightens the pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle that supports the pelvic organs, which is essential in controlling sexual energy and preventing premature ejaculation.
  4. Apart from the sexual and physical health benefits exercise can offer, it also enhances your look and self-esteem. The satisfaction you get from doing certain workouts can lead to a subsequent release of endorphins or hormones that improves blood circulation to the genitals.

The strength and stamina you’ve gained from doing exercises allow your body to explore different sexual positions and sexual intimacy becomes much better too. You gain the aptitude to better serve yourself, your partner, and your family. So whether you’re looking for ways to heighten a sluggish sex drive or to simply fuel up an already hot routine, prioritizing your workout may be the way to go. One last tip though, before starting any exercise program, it would be better to consult your doctor first.